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Welcome to Your Domain URL
Random Page Generator

When you need to show a Sample URL to include in your articles, this Random Page Generator will be more attractive than any other Sample Domain URL.

Let me tell you this site came to be,
and it will all make sense.

I was writing an article one day. In the that article, I needed to describe a Sample Domain Name in order to teach the information.

Until that point in time, I had always gave sample domains:
  • YourDomain.com - A Pay-Per-Click Directory.
  • YourURL.com - Owned by FreeBackgrounds.com.
  • YourSite.com - Computer Electronics Superstore.
  • SampleDomain.com - Owned by a Computer Networking company.
  • SampleDomainName.com - A Pay-Per-Click Directory.
  • SampleURL.com - Parked on GoDaddy's Pay-Per-Click Directory.
  • SampleSite.com - Owned by a Business Printing Company.
  • SampleWebsite.com - Domain Name Speculator and Broker.
  • I was struck with the idea that maybe I needed to see what sat on each of these URL's. Imagine my surprise when I realized what I had been promoting in my articles!

    Most of the Generic Domain Names I looked at was owned by someone who placed a Pay-Per-Click Directory on it. The second most common ownership was from a Domain Name Speculator who is looking to sell the domain for insane amounts of money (I was quoted a minimum of $3000 on two of them). Others were owned by Internet Superstores.

    I realized that for several years, I had been writing articles and using one of these Sample Domain Names, giving free benefit to people taking advantage of my ignorance.

    The article that I was writing that day ended up carrying free links to Blogger.com. I just felt more comfortable giving my links to someone whose programs I liked and used.

    What makes this website a
    "Writer's Community Website".

    I could not help but wonder if there was some way that I could set up a generic domain that we writers could in good conscience support and use in our articles. I wondered if there was a way that I could set up a Sample Domain URL that would not be overtly self-promotional, yet could possibly help the writers who used the domain name as their choice for a Sample Domain URL.

    A Random Link Generator for visitors that pointed to domains owned by the writers who promoted the URL, seemed like a logical choice to provide value to everyone involved.

    This is why I refer to this site as a "Writer's Community Website." I do not directly benefit from the existence of this website. And the writers who use this domain as their Sample Domain URL can see some benefit from this program as people click through the links to this site.

    It should be a Win-Win for article writers.

    Other than the Paypal Banner, I have NO Advertising on this website. This website is a demonstration of my commitment to helping the writers in the Internet community. If you want to know who I am, do a Whois. Otherwise, don't worry about who I am, it is not important.

    This program can be accessed by either of two URL's:
  • www.YourDomainURL.com
  • www.SampleDomainURL.com

  • .

    Unless Otherwise Noted, All Copy and Images are:
    Copyright � 2006, Your Domain URL.com
    We can be reached by sending an email to:
    webmaster @ our domain name.

    Last Page Update: 2006-01-16